2017 - ongoing is an online platform run by Guido Segni and currently curated by the temporary workgroup TWT1.

2013 - ongoing

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A typo was a virtual publishing house dealing with the production and promotion of “real” artists’ books, either realised in single copy or as multiples, characterized by a creative and original approach to media and web immateriality. An additional answer to e-books. A reconfiguration of the artists’ book in the era of digital dematerialization and online publishing.

A Typo aims to promote  artists’ books that: go beyond the written word; reconfigure the materiality of the book as object; remix different genres; integrate in any possible way digital materials; stimulate emulation and “do-it-yourself” creative practices.

A Typo intended to be an online showcase, but at the same time aimed to realize offline events and exhibitions in order to present and promote its artistic projects.

The editorial commitee was comprised of Alessandra Ioalé, Luca Leggero, Marcantonio Lunardi, Guido Segni, Silvana Vassallo, Giacomo Verde, Ilaria Sabbatini

Les Liens Invisibles
2007 - ongoing

Les Liens Invisibles is an imaginary italy-based artists duo comprised of Guido Segni and Gionatan Quintini. Their work is an eclectic recombination of pop net culture, reverse engineering techniques, social media subvertising, and any other kind of media manipulations.