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Middle Finger Response @ Reality Check Exhibition

October 4 - November 15
c/o eflux _ via Mantica 7, 33100 Udine, Italy

Reality Check is a project of Ultra curated by Filippo Lorenzin, with the support of eFlux.

Beginning with a group exhibition - which is the starting point - the project is based on the urgency of a survey in the phenomenon of convergence between artistic and sociological reflections compared to some of the most controversial issues related to the unfolding of the web, understood as a cultural phenomenon and daily practice, individual and mass. Like, for example, those culturally and ethically relevant that affect the privacy of the users, or the role of governments and large corporations in control of the data, or even the increasingly influential and invasive social networks in daily life of millions of people.

It will be attended by international artists from different backgrounds and cultures, whose works range through various conceptual and expressive practices: Zach Blas (Facial Weaponization Suite); Benjamin Grosser (ScareMail); Callum Haywood (We Know What You Are Doing); IOCOSE (A Contemporary Portrait of the Internet Artist); Kate Rich (Feral Trade); Guido Segni (The Middle Finger Response); Sander Veenhof (Watch Your Privacy)

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