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The Middle Finger Response @ Premio Nocivelli 2017

A few weeks ago I exhibited The Middle Finger Response at Premio Nocivelli 2017 in Brescia where I was one of the finalists for the Photography section.

As I actually am not a photographer at all, the jury had the decency to exclude my work from the winners list. At least I had the opportunity to display a moving selection of some crazy middle fingers on a framed screen of an Electric Object device.


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Ebay Auctioneers, Money Makers, Art Collectors,

here it is your" buy one, get one free" occasion.
One auction
One work of art
Two artists' signatures.

Hurry up, place your bid.


As a big estimator of JODI's work I decided it was time to make for real my first, unsactioned, BEST BUY collaboration with JODI.

My proposal for the #exstrange project is a speculative work of art based on a previous #exstrange ebay auction (http://ebay.eu/2mejgNY) to which I partecipated and won.

Now I'm reselling to the best buyer the original work by JODI along with JODI's and Guido Segni's signatures and with one BESTBUY logo reproduction printed on fine art paper.

The great auction package includes:

The original work bought from JODI.
One signed BESTBUY logo reproduction printed on fine art paper.

Curated by Domenico Quaranta
in the context of #exstrange project by Marialaura Ghidini and Rebekah Modrak

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“A quiet desert failure” has been selected for the 20th edition of the Japan Media Arts Festival

Dear desert followers,

I'm so proud to announce that "A quiet desert failure" has been shortlisted as Jury Selection in the Art Division for the 20th edition of the Japan Media Arts Festival among 4034 submitted works from 88 countries . The festival will be held in Tokio in September this year.

Just want to give a big thank you to Fabio Angeli and Lorenzo del Grande for their great musical contribution and to Filippo Lorenzin & Kamilia Kard for having presented the project for the first time in the context of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale in 2015.

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A few months ago I compiled a huge list of amatorial youtube videos in form of a contemporary prayer and a collective god invocation.

Hope you enjoy it.

Before it is too late for the internet.
Before time swallows it up forever.

Thanks PLACENTIA ARTE and Livenel Performing Festival for supporting the project.
A special thank you to Lorenzo Fresch for assisting and supporting me in the youtube research


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Me @ TEDxBari 2016

I recently gave my personal point of view about art and ephemerality of the digital at the edition of TEDxBari that took place on November 26th 2016 at Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari.

Here it is the full video of my contribution.

A real big thank you to everyone involved i the staff of the TEDxBari.

Guido Segni warns us about the risks of the advent of the digital Middle Ages.

Italian artist Guido Segni works at the intersection between art, media and digital culture. He has exhibited in major festivals, museums and galleries around the world (MAXXI Rome, Venice Biennale).

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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“Oh my God. Today I prayed for the internet” – WI FI performance in Piacenza

Internauts, friends, followers,

a few months ago (it was September) I presented for the first time a compilation video called "Oh my God. Today I prayed for the internet" in the context of the Livenel Festival in Piacenza organized by PLACENTIA ARTE.

In that occasion the video was distributed to the audience through a local wifi connection mounted on a travelling hearse.

The video has been transmitted first on a ritual procession to the followers of the hearse and then, as the hearse drove through the city for a while, to all the unaware town passerbies.

Well, now thanks to the help and the work of Marcantonio Lunardi and Ilaria Sabbatini

I can finally upload the video/photographic documentation of the event.
Hope you'll apreciate!


Wishing you well!